Description: This is a monthly membership where we focus on your needs for your Spiritual Journey. Included in this membership are a lot of KEY VALUE THINGS but first lets talk about what’s included in your monthly lifetime investment. If you are new to Spirituality or even a seasoned witch who have to relearn the basics this program provides you with the tools you will need to start your very first altar. WE WILL GO OVER CONNECTING WITH YOUR ANCESTORS. Included in this monthly program is access to me 24/7 during your mentorship. Eye will provide you with any of the following: weekly readings, Bi weekly reiki, Dream Analysis, Tarot 101 (for those who want to learn), herbalism, weekly/biweekly ZOOM CLASSES, yoga classes and meditation Coaching and lastly all mentees will receive monthly goodies sent to them every month. know that when coming into this mentoring program you are not going to be the same person you were before the training. This program IS NOT JUST TO TEACH YOU HOW TO DO MAGICK. IN ORDER TO BE ABLE TO DO MAGICK YOU HAVE TO BE WILLING TO HEAL AND LET GO OF THE PARTS OF YOU THAT NO LONGER SERVE YOU, NO MATTER HOW COMFORTABLE YOU THINK YOU ARE. THIS IS NOT THE PROGRAM WHERE YOU WILL BE TELLING ME HOW TO RUN MY PROGRAM> THIS IS A “BE QUIET, LISTEN AND LEARN’ type of environment. SO LET US NOT WASTE EACH OTHER’S TIME.