Yoga and Yoga Coaching


This is a Life Coaching program for Yogi’s or anyone who is interested in learning how to be a better Yoga instructor or maybe you are curious if Yoga is for you, not only do I give you different styles and different methods of yoga we also embrace Spirituality in this Journey. We learn how to start and create and understand the importance of a Ritual, we learn how to make and create sacred boxes for our rituals and learn what is a Surrender box. This course is a deeper understanding of yourself and some yoga lifestyle techniques that you can use in your practice. I want you to understand that if you are looking to become a yoga instructor please speak with me because this course because becoming an instructor is different than this self discovery.



So as you can see there are other Yoga packages as well and please understand that these packages Specifically the 7 Chakra Yoga is a Six week course where we would be practicing yoga based off of our 7 Main Chakras. Though we have thousands of Chakras but we focus on the main 7 Chakras Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye and your Crown Chakra. Upon completion you will be awarded a certificate of completion as well as gift bags for participating in the six week challenge with me. Deadline to sign up for the first round is July 18 2022. I also wanted to make a public acknowledgment that this 7 Chakra Yoga course was inspired by my Matron Mi Nina Santisima Muerte a.k.a Santa Muerte, La Parca, Mictecacihuatl Lady of the Dead, it was her asking that I give you guys this wonderful experience