Art/Therapy With Dr.Kai


Welcome to Shamanic healing through Art Therapy with Dr.Kai’Lanii, what happens in these sessions are 100% safe and secured with me. Shamanic healing comes in all forms, so in these session we would be doing an array of things such as becoming one with ourselves, learning about our Chakra system, animal totems, medicine wheels, we will be learning and understanding the importance of having a ‘sacred’ place as well as learning about creating healthy rituals for ourselves. Each session is made to help you improve yourself. Being that this is also an art class in your fee is also included the pricing for all tools and equipment that may be required, in your payment you pay for the healing crystals that you receive as well as anything we are using for your session: watercolor, oil pastels, canvas board, fabric, fabric marker, feathers, sage, Palo Santo, crystals etc… these are example of things that are already included in your pricing.  Shamanic healing is an investment not just in me but in yourselves as well.